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Insegnamento: Innovazione scientifica e trasferimento tecnologico nell'ambito delle biotecnologie A.A. 2010/2011
Docenti: Dottore Antoine Harfouche
CFU: 5

This 10-week, 30-hour course presents the state-of-the-art information on intellectual property, its protection and marketing in a simplified form with a minimum of legal jargon. It is designed to train students in applying biotechnology to plant agricultural products.

Course Syllabus – To be taught every year

Weeks 1&2. Overview of Technology Transfer

• Basic concepts and definitions in technology transfer
• Technology transfer processes and mechanisms
• Challenges in University-Industry Collaborations

Weeks 3&4. Intellectual Property Management

• The concept of property
• Intellectual property protection
• Patents/Copyrights/Trade Secrets/Trademarks

Weeks 5,6&7. Technology Licensing

• Benefits
• Common goals
• License types
• Terms of a license
• How to read a license agreement?
• Case Study

Weeks 8,9&10. Maximizing the Value of University Scientific Innovation

• Intellectual property as a strategic asset
• Who develops a university invention?
• The impact of university research on the Italian economy
• The role of the university technology transfer office
• The role of the university spin-out companies in an emerging technology
Risultati di apprendimento
‘Student Learning Outcomes’

The course aims to:

• provide students with an understanding of Intellectual Property protection and management, and ultimately to help in acquiring skills in order to develop systematic and creative ways to commercialize scientific innovations in agriculture biotechnology.
• enable students to acquire fundamental principles of technology transfer. They can be prepared for independent activity in the modern market, especially for university spin-outs, start-ups, technology transfer offices and small and medium-sized companies.

Propedeuticità obbligatorie
Propedeuticità consigliate
Agriculture Biotechnology - Biology - Genetics - Information Technology - a little bit of law
Testi di riferimento
• Agricultural Biotechnology: Strategies for National Competitiveness. (National Academy Press, Washington D.C. 1987)
• Intellectual Property Rights in Agricultural Biotechnology (Biotechnology in Agriculture Series, No. 28) by F.H. Erbish and K.M. Maredia (CABI Publishing, 2004).
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Esame Orale
Commissione di Esame
Antoine Harfouche
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  • Lezioni: 30 Ore

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Dates to be announced later
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- Viterbo;
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